Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hello to my abandoned diary :)

Frankly, I have no idea why there are many people awaiting for me to update my blog. My blog is full of surprises posts, random moods, clear and uncensored thoughts.. I don't try to impress anyone here, it's my diary, I just express my thoughts with no intention. If you take my words or my world personally, it's your problems, not mine. I don't need to spend my precious time on explanations, cause people only listen to what they want to hear anyway.

So yeah, I hope every readers is doing alright with their life. If not alright, it's okay, rainbow comes after the rain :)

If you've been wondering where I've been.. 
Currently I'm busy running the kitchen in weekdays, as usual, making sure everything is on the track. Top of that, I'm reviewing products for my social media followers in my spare time. And yeah, I'm arranging a traveling trip for my parents. Don't ask me where to start on planing a trip, I'm having a hard time figuring it out as well. My fiance's really good in planning routes, while I'm good at picking best and affordable accommodations and transportation.

I'm spending my holiday break at The Aryaduta Hotel, on a duty to review and share my experiences to the world. Guess we're both enjoy browsing through our Instagram's timeline, which are filled with our friends' traveling snaps from all over the globe? Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Bali, Europe, Canada, just everywhere! Just love how creative minds invented social media, now we can easily see the world through other's eyes.

Top of everything, I'm also collecting some preloved products for a quick sale. Preloved products would be some shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, and other good things in good conditions. I'll just probably throw a garage sale on a beautiful sunny Sunday and hope for new lovely owners to pick up my preloved items! Most items were only worn once. Also I'm thinking about..

Since I don't have any wishlist (except new Iphone) and I don't need much money right now, I've decided to spare the sales for donation. I haven't decide for which issues or organizations, but we don't need a reason to help others, right?

Lots of things going on at the same time, just my kind of days..
It's better to be busy than have nothing to do at all :)

"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die"

- Buddha

Below's one of my favourite tracks at the moment, enjoy :) Goodnight and see you next time!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, March 31, 2013








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Monday, March 25, 2013

Fight Hunger

It's been one of my dream to raise funds and awareness to help others especially those kids who fight hunger in their life. On 20th March, International Macaron Day, I did my first charity event via my pastry shop. All the macaron sales will be donated to feed starving kids around the world via WFP (World Food Programme),

It's an effective way to raise funds because people enjoy good desserts while feeding others, I think I might throw this kind of charity annualy.

Stop complaining about your life. They're nearly one billion people are wondering where their next meal will come from as you're reading this at your comfy room. Every minute, 18 people die of starvation. 300 million children go to bed hungry every day.

We just feed 3.200 starving kids around the world by purchasing macarons on 20th March.
Thank you guys for the support and participation! This couldn't happen without all of you :)

You can easily learn about hunger (world's biggest solvable problem) or donate here:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shooting new video

Hello again!

Today we're shooting new La Maison's commercial video and it's featuring my talented buddy who happened to be a beauty lecturer at Lim Kok Wing Malaysia soon! So happy for him! As you expected, it will be a lot of colourful makeup and colourful macarons.


Stay tuned, I'll post it as soon as possible! Have a lovely weekend guys! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweetest Ad



Always been my fav Ad <3>

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Got The World

Hello again :)

The music video above reminds me of the awesome life I had in oz. Free, enjoying life to the fullest. Nobody judges, cares, and talks about you because people are so busy with their own business and things. Me and people around me didn't even care when a naked man running on street. haha :D
It really scares me how people talk and make stories about other people in this town. They seriously need to find something to do with their life than just creating and spreading stories about other people. If I have that kind of mom or aunties, I'll be very ashamed of them.

And one thing I find in trend here, is to get married in a very young age? A lot of my friends in my age is getting married this or next year. It's not my problem, I'm just curious how they managed to settle in marriage life while they're still bloody 18, 20, 22? Don't they have dreams to be chased? I still got a very long list of things to be done before being busy with marriage life, such as: open my official cafe patisserie, open gourmet ice cream line, open branches in other cities, travel around the world, study french(?), be a billionare and donate my spare money to those in needs, open a korean bbq restaurant, and many more.. I feel like I need 48 hours a day! Don't think I'll get married and being a wife taking care of kids in at least 5 years ahead. Hmm

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Monday, March 11, 2013

First post in 2013


Since tomorrow is holiday, I'm a bit free tonight :) Hope you all are doing just fine! To be honest I'm touched by all the lovely messages you guys left me on my formsprings and private comments. Mostly are asking me to update my blog because been missing me for months and complimenting me for my works :') million thanks for your support! Please enjoy some music..

I miss sharing with all of you too, it's just my shop takes my whole time. I don't really know what to share, because everyday I'm dealing my cakes haha. I think I might just reply some questions on my formspring.

ci, kamu tattoo2 gt d marahin ortu gak? hehe just curious :)
- kalau minta izin sih pasti ga dikasi, makanya nekad buat aja. pas ketauan ya mau gmn lg toh uda lengket di kulit :p tp ortu aku dr dulu ga gitu ngekang anaknya, mrk pcy dgn kita ga bakalan macam2. tattoo kan bukan berarti org jahat, it's a form of art :)

cii, kenapa red velvet di mana2 sama aja ya? kenapa sama?:o
- tanya balik, knapa black forest cake dimana2 sama? knapa bika ambon dimana2 sama? ya karena kue nya yg namanya itu mmg sudah begitu rasa n bentuk nya :)

Are you a spender or a saver?
- i save then spend them :D

ci, i wonder apa yg you ga bisa? you're almost perfect!!
 - nobody's perfect dear :) ga habis2 kalo mau tulis apa yg aku ga bisa haha. aku ga bisa masak, aku ga bisa tahan kalau kepanasan, aku ga bisa nge-mc, dll.. :p

hi stella.sorry for boring it possible to work with you and share our ideas.thx...
- send your resume :)

ci stella hahahaha. macarons la maison yg blueberry sama green tea enak bgettt! w rasa si cake2 yg ci jual ga terlalu mahal. sebanding sama capeknya cc :) tp ongkir nya dong:( mahal bgettt :(
- haha ongkirnya aja ya.. dtg aja pick up sekalian lihat kue2 lain :)

You leave your blog almost 3 months already,stella, I miss youu :(
- I'm trying to update it :(

hi Stella. mau nanya mengenai macarons. apakah mmg harus menggunakan almond bubuk ya..soalnya dari semua resep yang aku baca, semua menyebutkan almond bubuk sbg salah bahannya.. thnks anyway:)
- iyah, almond bubuk mmg bahan utama macarons dan ga bs disubtitusi :)

le sister, you're just one of those lucky girl. and all i gotta say to you; Jesus loves you so much, and He really want you to put your trust & and your life on His hand. have a good day :)
- thank you dear, gbu always :)

Ci i love ur cakes! U r so inspiring!! :) btw ci aku mau nanya LCB itu worth it bgt ga yah? Bs d ajarin smpe expert kayak cc? Dlu cc sblm msuk LCB jg udah jago bgt ya ci? Thanks bgt ya ci :)
- thank you :) hmm dl sblm msk LCB mmg uda otodidak belajar baking sendiri, kalau masalah expert, aku masih jauh dr itu. skolah itu penting krn kita belajar byk dasar dan kalo mau kerja sama org, pst hrs ada ijazah skolanya, aku jg bljr byk bgt dr pengalaman kerja.

U r so talented!! I love ur works
- thank youu xxx

That's a lot for tonight, I'll see you when I see you
Goodnight and god bless you all :) xx

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

little girl thing

hello. how are you? it's been a ages since the last time we met. i couldn't find a time to write, shop's keeping me busy from morning to late night. when i get some spare time i'll just go have good dinner, sleep, or browse for inspirations.

you might noticed two bags above, hell which girls do not fall for those? been wanting to buy it since months ago, apparently i'm not that one of rich daddy's princess who can get every little thing she mentions straight away. i'm not proud of it, also i'm not pathetic cause of it. i'm saving money for europe trip in late Dec. sometimes i wish somebody would buy it as a present for me thou. normal thing for girls, we wish a lot.

sometimes, or maybe i should say most of the times, when i have no time to write, you can easily find me on instagram updates that's sometimes connected to facebook and twitter.
Instagram / twitter: @stellalowis
or facebook: Facebook (please do not wait for me to approve friend requests because i never check that tab any more. currently 1543 friend requests so i choose to stay out of it)

also check my work at

 still, paris looks better than any bags.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

stuck in reverse.

lihatlah luka ini yang sakitnya abadi
yang terbalut hangatnya bekas pelukmu
aku tak akan lupa, tak akan pernah bisa
tentang apa yang harus memisahkan kita

saat ku tertatih tanpa kau di sini
kau tetap ku nanti demi keyakinan ini

jika memang dirimulah tulang rusukku
kau akan kembali pada tubuh ini
ku akan tua dan mati dalam pelukmu

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hello. i apologize for my absence. hope you guys have a good day :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


i've been browsing a lot of wedding ideas lately. so here's pictures of my dream wedding day.